1907 Indian Eagle. No Periods. MS-66 (PCGS). CAC.

1907 In

6000 - 8000
1908-D Indian Eagle. Motto. MS-68 (PCGS). CAC.


200000 - 300000
1854-S Liberty Head Double Eagle. MS-65 (PCGS). CAC.


100000 - 150000
1857-S Liberty Head Double Eagle. Bold S. MS-67 (PCGS). CAC.


80000 - 100000
1869 Liberty Head Double Eagle. MS-66 (PCGS).

1869 Li

300000 - 400000
1875-S自由帽双鹰 PCGS MS 67


500000 - 700000
1884-S Liberty Head Double Eagle. MS-65+ (PCGS). CAC.


40000 - 50000
MCMVII (1907) Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. High Relief. Wire Rim. MS-67+ (PCGS). CAC.


250000 - 300000
MCMVII (1907) Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. High Relief. Flat Rim. MS-68+ (PCGS). CAC.


300000 - 400000
1907 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. Arabic Numerals. Saint. MS-66+ (PCGS).

1907 Sa

5000 - 10000
1909/8 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. FS-301. MS-66+ (PCGS). CAC.


80000 - 100000
1927-S Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. MS-67 (PCGS). CAC.


150000 - 200000
1900 Lafayette Silver Dollar. MS-67 (PCGS). CAC.

1900 La

20000 - 30000
1915-S Panama-Pacific Exposition. MS-67 (PCGS). CAC.


5000 - 10000
1925 Norse-American Centennial Medal. Silver. Swoger 24Ba-wv3. Thick Planchet. MS-67+ (PCGS). CAC.

1925 No

2000 - 2500
1907 Indian Eagle. Wire Rim, Periods. Judd-1901, Pollock-1995. Rarity-3. Raised Stars on Edge. MS-67

1907 In

180000 - 200000
1904-O Liberty Head Eagle. Winter-1, the only known dies. MS-67+ (PCGS). CAC.


60000 - 80000
1854-S Liberty Head Eagle. AU-58 (PCGS). CAC.


4000 - 5000
1852 Liberty Head Eagle. MS-66+ (PCGS). CAC.

1852 Li

200000 - 250000
1848-O Liberty Head Eagle. Winter-1. MS-66 (PCGS). CAC.


200000 - 250000
1911-S Indian Half Eagle. MS-66 (PCGS). CAC.


60000 - 80000
1891-CC Liberty Head Half Eagle. MS-65 (PCGS). CAC.


30000 - 40000
1854-S自由帽半鹰 PCGS AU 58+


1500000 - 2000000
1845-D Liberty Head Half Eagle. Winter 12-I. MS-65 (PCGS). CAC.


40000 - 60000
1820 Capped Head Left Half Eagle. Bass Dannreuther-7. Rarity-7. Curl Base 2, Large Letters. MS-65+ (

1820 Ca

150000 - 200000
1820 Capped Head Left Half Eagle. Bass Dannreuther-7. Rarity-7. Curl Base 2, Large Letters. MS-65+ (

1820 Ca

150000 - 200000
1879 Four-Dollar Gold Stella. Flowing Hair. Judd-1635, Pollock-1833. Rarity-3. Gold. Reeded Edge. Pr

1879 Fo

200000 - 250000
1878 Three-Dollar Gold Piece. MS-67 (PCGS). CAC.

1878 Th

60000 - 70000
1911-D Indian Quarter Eagle. Strong D. MS-65 (PCGS). CAC.


50000 - 60000
1907 Liberty Head Quarter Eagle. MS-68 (PCGS).

1907 Li

7000 - 10000

Lot:7343  1907印第安鹰 PCGS MS 67


拍品分类 世界钱币 品相 PCGS MS67
拍品估价 USD 400000 - 500000 成交价 USD 576000
拍卖专场 SBP2020年3月巴尔地摩#7-Pogue集藏VII 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2020-03-21 06:00:00 结标日期 2020-03-21 09:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 1907印第安鹰 PCGS MS 67

1907 Indian Eagle. Rounded Rim, Periods. Judd-1903, Pollock-1997. Rarity-5. MS-67 (PCGS). CAC. Blushes of pinkish-rose iridescence drift over the golden-yellow surfaces on both sides of this impressive Indian eagle. Sharply struck, fully lustrous and virtually pristine, it is difficult for us to imagine a more desirable example of the rare Rolled Rim issue. Extraordinary!When it was discovered that Augustus Saint-Gaudens original design for the 1907 Indian eagle caused problems both in production and stacking, Chief Engraver Charles Barber made modifications to the design that included a more standard rim configuration that permitted stacking.

Although Saint-Gaudens had succumbed to cancer on August 3, at his studio in Cornish, New Hampshire, a second set of models was made using feedback received from the Mint. Saint-Gaudens widow, Augusta, sent the revised models to the Mint where Barber reviewed them and stated that "dies made from these models would be a great improvement" over the modified dies Barber had already prepared. When Acting Mint Director Robert Preston reviewed Barbers Rounded Rim coins, he thought they had been struck with the new models from Saint-Gaudens studio.

Consequently, Preston signed off on the Barber version, despite Barber having already pronounced the revised models superior to his own, and production of the Rounded Rim variety for circulation commenced on September 13. Estimates vary as to the precise number struck of the Rounded Rim variety; the most frequently quoted figure is 31,500 pieces based on Treasury correspondence, though some sources cite figures as high as 32,500 coins.Acting Director Preston was replaced in September by the newly appointed Mint director, Frank Leach. Leach agreed with Barbers assessment of the Rounded Rim version and ordered that it be replaced with the revised lower relief Saint-Gaudens model, which also omitted the triangular periods found on both the Wire Rim and the Rounded Rim varieties.

Production ceased and on November 9, he ordered that all but 50 of the Rounded Rim coins be melted down. According to Leach in his 1917 memoirs, <em>Recollections of a Newspaperman</em>, the remaining 50 were then "...given to museums of art and officials and others connected with the work." Interestingly, when Leach offered each of the dozen members of the 1908 Assay Commission an example, only Ohio Congressman William Ashbrook wanted them and instead bought all 12 for face value from the remaining commission members.

About ten times as rare as the earlier Wire Rim variety, almost all of the very few Rounded Rim coins survived. All but five or so of the remaining estimated 40 specimens are Mint State, a good proportion of which have been certified at MS-65 and MS-66. Only a select few have achieved the Superb Gem level, including the present specimen from the Pogue Collection. The 1907 Rounded Rim eagle is one of the rarest and most prized issues of the twentieth century and is pursued by numismatist and art collector alike. Here is an incredible example of one of the great coin designs of all time. From the D. Brent Pogue Collection.