1858 Laying of the Atlantic Telegraph Cable By Cyrus W. Field Medal. Bronze. 51.2 mm. By George H. L

1858 La

1933 General Motors 25th Anniversary Medal. Silver-Plated Bronze. 76 mm. By Norman Bel Geddes. MS-64

1933 Ge

1858 Havana to Matanzas Railway Inauguration Medal. White Metal. 51 mm. By George Hampden Lovett. Ab

1858 Ha

1904 State Department Lifesaving Medal. Gold. 35.6 mm. 41.4 grams. By George T. Morgan. Julian LS-3.

1904 St

Great Britain. 1908 Olympic Games, London, Participation Medal. Bronze. 50.5 mm. Gad-1908-2, Eimer-1

Great B

Sweden. 1912 Olympic Games, Stockholm, Participation Medal. Zinc. 50.2 mm. Gad-1912-2. About Uncircu


Belgium. 1920 Olympic Games, Antwerp, Participation Medal. Bronze. 60.0 mm. Gad-1920-2. Extremely Fi


France. 1924 Olympic Games, Paris, Participation Medal. Bronze. 50.5 mm. Gad-1924-2. Extremely Fine.


Netherlands. 1928 Olympic Games, Amsterdam, Participation Medal. Bronze. 55.4 mm. Gad-1928-2. About


United States. 1932 Olympic Games, Los Angeles, Sample Participation Medal. Bronze. 69.26 mm. cf. Ga


Great Britain. 1948 Olympic Games, London, Participation Medal. Bronze. 51.4 mm. Gad-1948-2, Eimer-2

Great B

Australia. 1956 Olympic Games, Melbourne, Participation Medal. Bronze. 63.4 mm. Gad-1956-2. About Un


Italy. 1960 Olympic Games, Rome, Participation Medal. Cast Bronze. 54.3 mm. Gad-1960-2. Extremely Fi


1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games Participants Medal. Bronze. 60 mm. Gadoury-2. Mint State.

1984 Lo

Lot of (13) Larger-Size Sports and Olympics Medals.

Lot of

1909 Utah State Fair Award Medal. Gilt Silver. 50.6 mm. 65.0 grams. Harkness UT-60. About Uncirculat

1909 Ut

1836 New York Mechanics Institute Award Medal. Silver. 51 mm. 60.6 grams. Harkness Ny-370, var. Awar

1836 Ne

1933 Pedley-Ryan Dollar. Type VII. Silver. 40 mm. HK-828. Rarity-7. MS-66 (NGC).

1933 Pe

1900 Lesher or Referendum Dollar. Bumstead Type, First Reverse. Silver. HK-788. Rarity-5. No. 165. M

1900 Le

1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Official Medal. Silver. 38 mm. HK-399. Rarity-5. MS-66

1915 Pa

1910 Ohio Valley Exposition. Silver. 34 mm. HK-393. Rarity-6. MS-62 (NGC).

1910 Oh

1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Official Souvenir Medal. Silver. 33 mm. HK-299. Rarity-4. MS-66

1904 Lo

1901 Pan-American Exposition. Official Medal. Brass. 34 mm. HK-289. Rarity-3. MS-67 (NGC).

1901 Pa

1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition. Declaration of Independence Dollar. Pewter. 43 mm. HK-79, Musante G

1876 U.

1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition. Independence Hall Dollar. White Metal. 38 mm. HK-45, Musante GW-916

1876 U.

1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition. Independence Hall Dollar. Copper. 38 mm. HK-43, Musante GW-916, Bak

1876 U.

1876 Nevada Dollar. Silver. 38 mm. HK-19, Julian CM-36. Rarity-5. Proof-63 (PCGS).

1876 Ne

1875 Mecklenberg Centennial. Copper. 30 mm. Julian CM-28, Swoger-2. MS-65 RB (NGC).

1875 Me

Undated (ca. 1860) Daniel Webster. Bronzed Copper. 76.5 mm. Julian PE-37, var. Mint State.



Lot:127  1929年钢铁工业金质奖章 近未流通


拍品分类 世界钱币 品相 近未流通
拍品估价 USD 20000 成交价 USD 180
拍卖专场 SBP2019年2月巴尔地摩#1-美国钱币 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2019-02-28 04:00:00 结标日期 2019-02-28 06:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 1929年钢铁工业金质奖章 近未流通
1929 (i.e. 1965) Gary Memorial Medal. Gold (14K), 94.5 mm, 583.2 grams, 10.94 oz troy AGW.

By Paul Manship. Murtha-247. Mint State.Edge marked MEDALLIC ART CO. N.Y. 14K. Obverse portrays left facing portrait of Elbert Henry Gary, founding chairman of United States Steel Corporation. Reverse shows two winged victories lowering a laurel wreath onto the head of a bare-chested blacksmith at his forge, representing the awards recipient, in this case THOMAS F. PATTON, whose name and 1965 date of awarding is engraved below. The Gary Memorial Medal is the American Iron and Steel Institutes highest award, instituted in 1929 and awarded almost yearly ever since. Thomas F. Patton, then Chairman and President of Republic Steel Corporation, one of Americas Big Three steel manufacturers, received this award on May 27, 1965 for "Outstanding achievements in guiding the affairs of American Iron and Steel Institute better to serve its industry and the country, [his] industrial leadership during periods of adversity and crisis, the important role [he] played in the organization and successful administration of [his] company and for [his] devotion to the interests of the iron and steel industry throughout [his] career." This gargantuan, rich yellow gold award medal is housed in its original fitted clamshell case and is the distinctive work of famous 20th century sculptor Paul Manship, whose prolific sculpture graces museum collections, building facades and public spaces around the world. His most famous sculpture, the 1934 gilded Prometheus that overlooks the skating rink at Rockefeller Center in New York City, is enjoyed by the tens of millions of visitors who visit New York City each year. His medallic work is also prolific, and collected by dedicated aficionados of his oeuvre ; he modeled a variety of portrait medals but also created works for industry, such as this Gary Award Medal, the 1934 Carnegie Corporation Medal and the 1930 Southern Railway Systems Centennial Medal, among others. His most widely distributed medals are the 1930 Dionysus for the Society of Medalists and the 1960 John F. Kennedy Inaugural Medal. In general, though, the medallic works of Paul Manship were produced in very limited editions, and even medals like the Gary, now awarded for 90 years, are very rare in the marketplace. Many are permanently locked up in corporate collections and recipients families, and some were undoubtedly melted down during the 1980 and 2011 run ups in the price of gold with little regard for their numismatic or artistic value. Only 2 offerings of a Gary Award Medal in the last 2 decades were found at Invaluable.com, leaving the current offering as a very rare opportunity to acquire a superb work by one of the most famous 20th century American sculptors in the most noble medal possible.