Lot:40301  共和纪念袁世凯大面像十文红铜 PCGS SP 65


拍品分类 机制铜币>民国中央>共和纪念>袁世凯大面像>十文>红铜 品相 PCGS SP65
拍品估价 USD 10000 - 15000 成交价 USD 288000
拍卖专场 SBP2018年4月香港-QDB集藏 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2018-04-02 09:30:00 结标日期 2018-04-02 18:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 袁世凯像共和纪念十文铜币。样币。大面像。PCGS评鉴最高。作者并未提及铸造具体年份,但可以确定是黎元洪赴北京就任副总统职前铸成,即1913年12月左右。此拍品与本场拍卖中另一拍品W971袁世凯共和纪念铜样币小面像极为相似,唯此枚中袁像胸饰稍大,于鬍鬚、肩章及背面嘉禾卷草纹处亦均有细微不同。铸打奇峻,无需放大便已能看到每处细节的细緻入微。表面光泽亮丽,了无瑕疵,巧克力色与赭石色调交融渐变,亦透出些微原厂红光。极罕,定会成为买家藏品中的亮眼佳品。
PCGS SP-65 BN Secure Holder.

From the Q. David Bowers Collection.Ex: R. B. White.

CHINA. Pattern 10 Cash, ND (1913). PCGS SP-65 BN Secure Holder.CL-MG.64; CCC-690; W-972 (B-2); KM-Pn5; Hsu-13; Duan-3097. Single finest certified at PCGS. See Ros #23/24 p.127, Ros didnt mention the actual date, but can be identified as the time of Vice-Present Lis departure for Peking(Dec/1913). Very similar to the W971 we are offering in this sale but with a larger decoration on Yuan Shih-Kais breast. Needle sharp strike with every minute detail visible without the aid of magnification. Flawless glossy prooflike surfaces displaying a lovely mixture of milk chocolate and mahogany with just a hint of original mint red. Truly a magnificent example of this VERY RARE pattern sure to be a very welcome addition the next collection it enters.