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拍品描述 唐代开元通宝背月孕星 美品

MIN: Anonymous, 909-945, large lead cash 4045。53g41, H-15。51, kai yuan tong bao on obverse, min above, crescent below, for use in the Fujian area, crude Very Good to Fine。 Min was one of the 39Ten Kingdoms39 and it existed in a mountainous region of modern day Fujian province of China and had a history of quasi-independent rule with its capital at Fuzhou。 It was founded by Wang Shenzhi。 Wang Shenzhi39s father was given the title of Surveillance Commissioner in 892。 Wang Shenzhi himself was named military commissioner。 In 909, in the wake of the collapse of the Tang Dynasty two years earlier, he named himself the Prince of Min。 Wang Shenzhis son declared himself the Emperor of Min in 933。 At that point, his father was posthumously named Min Taizu。 The capital of the Min Kingdom was then known as Changle, the present day Fuzhou。 The kingdom was essentially limited to modern-day Fujian Province in China39s southeast。 The Kingdom of Min was conquered by the Southern Tang Kingdom in 945 AD。