Lot:1722  北朝五行大布大样 上美品


拍品分类 古钱>三国两晋南北朝>北朝>五行大布>大样 品相 上美品
拍品估价 USD 75-100 成交价 USD 77
拍卖专场 SA2019年1月加州(#33) 拍卖公司 SA
开拍日期 2019-01-18 01:00:00 结标日期 2019-01-20 09:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 北朝五行大布大样 上美品

NORTHERN ZHOU: Anonymous, 557-581, AE cash 403。81g41, H-13。30, wu xing da bu, a lovely example! VF。 The legend translates as 34the large coin of the five elements [metal, wood, water, fire, and earth]34, issued in 574 by Emperor Wu。 They were intended to be worth ten bu quan coins, but illegal coining soon produced specimens of a reduced weight and the authorities banned the use of this coin in 576。