Septentrionalium Terrarum description. Gerardus Mercator, Jodocus Hondius. Ca. 1610. 15 ¼ x 14 1/3


1400 - 1800
America with those knowne parts in that unknowne worlde both people and manner of buildings describe


2000 - 3000
America nova Tabula. Willem Janszoom Blaeu. Amsterdam, ca. 1642. 21 ½ x 16


2000 - 4000
LE CANADA / faict par le Sr de Champlain /ou sont / LA NOUVELLE FRANCE / LA NOUVELLE ANGLETERRE / LA


2000 - 3000
Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississippi. First edition, first state. Guillaume Delisle. Par

Carte d

5000 - 8000
Nouvelle Carte Particuliere Nouvelle Bretagne, le Canada ou Nouvelle France, la Nouvelle Ecoss


400 - 600
A Plan of the City of New York. 1763-1765. 40 x 23 cms. Reduced from an actual survey by Francis Mae

A Plan

300 - 500
Carte de la Californie Suivant. I. la manuscrite de lAmerique de Mathieu Neron Pecci olen dresses a

Carte d

300 - 400
A New and Correct Map of the British Colonies in North America Comprehending Eastern Canada with the

A New a

150 - 250
Map of the Attack of the Rebels Upon Fort Penobscot in the Province of New England.....1785. 19

Map of

100 - 150
Map of Louisiana from dAnvilles Atlas. Engraved for John Harrison, London. 1788. 30.6 x 49.3. A redu

Map of

150 - 250
A New Map of Nova Scotia and Cape Britain With The Adjacent Parts of New England and Canada. Ca. 179

A New M

250 - 350
Geographisch statistische und historische Charte von Pennsylvanien. Carl Ferdinand Weiland. Weimar,


60 - 90
The City of New Orleans, and the Mississippi River, Lake Ponchatrain in the Distance. A birds eye vi

The Cit

300 - 500
Original Map of the County of Yorkshire (England), by J. Blaeu.  Printed in Amsterdam in 1648. 50 x


100 - 150
Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descriptio. First plate, second state. From Abraham Ortelius Theatrum


3500 - 4500
China. A Second Grouping of Japanese Military Notes.  10 Yen no date (1939 and 1940), dragon, M-19 &


250 - 400
China. Japanese Military Note Grouping.  10 Yen no date (1939 and 1940), dragon, M-19 & 20, average


250 - 400
1901 Pan-American Exposition Souvenir Tickets and More. Souvenir Tickets(3), All AU or so, one with

1901 Pa

60 - 90
A Group of Checks, Drafts and Receipts, Some with Imprinted Revenue Stamps. A quick glance reveals a

A Group

50 - 75
Uncut Sheet of Thirty-Two Giori

Uncut S

750 - 1250
Large Size Federal Currency Selection. Fr.37 $1 Legal Tender VF, light stains; Fr.60 $2 Legal Tender

Large S

500 - 750
Large Assortment of U. S. Small Size Notes. Legal Tender Notes: $2 1928D VF; 1928F VG, F-VF(3) one w

Large A

750 - 1250
Fr.1880-L. $50 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.  No.L00404388A. Fine.


75 - 125
Rare Double Error on a Fr.2029D 1990 $10 Federal Reserve Note. Hamilton. Green seal. No.D20992708A.

Rare Do

300 - 500
Pack of Fifty Fr.1513* $2 Legal Tender 1963 STAR notes.  Uncirculated. Several consecutive runs incl

Pack of

600 - 900
Fr.357. $2. Federal Reserve Bank Note. 1918. McPherson, right. Red seal. No.B83633254. Tillman Morga


1000 - 1500
$10 1897 Silver Certificate Uniface Front. From a souvenir card. Also included is a $10 Legal Tender

$10 189

30 - 50
CSA. T-64. PF-2. Cr.489. $500. 1864. F-VF.


200 - 300
CSA. T-54. PF-8. Cr.292A. $2. 1862. Judah P. Benjamin. No.41862. Period after right plate letter (


75 - 125

Lot:1833  1593年时期地图 近未流通


拍品分类 外国钱币>杂项 品相 近未流通
拍品估价 USD 15000 - 20000 成交价 USD 0
拍卖专场 SPINK2017年10月纽约-钱币专场 拍卖公司 SPINK
开拍日期 2017-10-30 23:00:00 结标日期 2017-10-31 10:00:00 拍卖状态 流拍
拍品描述 1593年时期地图 近未流通

Americae Pars Borealis, Florida, Baccalaos, Canada, Corteralis. Cornelis de Jode. Antwerp, 1593. 19 5/8 x 14", hand color. Latin text on verso. A very nice example of de Jodes rare and highly sought-after seminal work, the first folio-sized map to focus on North America. The depiction of a double Northwest Passage is bold, as is the St. Lawrence coursing across the continent to Texas. Cebola, the seven cities paved in gold, meanwhile, is clearly depicted. The bottom scene showing six native North Americans is derived from John Whites reports, while the attack scene on the upper right is based on Frobisher. The map is studded with annotations regarding early explorations of the New World, and discusses Cabot, Raleigh, Verrazzano and others. An early mention of Apaches is made, as is Lac Conibas, the mythical great lake. The curious contraction and misplacement of the region lying between Maine and Florida is the result of de Jodes combining geographical details from two different primary sources - the French report for maritime Canada and the English report for the Carolinas, both of which containing many inconsistencies. Very Good.