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联合创办 CICE/HKCS 系列钱币展销会

联合创办 CICE/HKCS 系列钱币展销会

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Lot:50001 大清光绪十五年天津官造呈样凤前龙后一元样币 PCGS SP 45 CHINA. Chihli (Pei Yang). Silver Dollar Pattern, Year 15 (1889)

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CHINA. Chihli (Pei Yang). Silver Dollar Pattern, Year 15 (1889). Tientsin Mint. PCGS SPECIMEN-45 Gold Shield.

墨西哥共和发行风格的人字边。正面珠圈内有双翼展开的瑞兽凤凰,"大清光绪十五年天津官造"于外环围绕;背面中心书"一元",外有珠圈椭圆围绕,龙样在外。诱人且原味十足的一枚,铸打匀称,轻微经手痕迹,均匀磨损,与评级相符。表面呈柔美的灰色包浆,图文间少许积土,底板深处色泽更浓。漂亮,版式稀少的早期发行,已多年未曾面市,如此顶尖的珍品本次公开呈献甚是难得,预期拍卖场上将掀起激烈竞投。早期的中国钱币学者早已发现此版,但是对此却知之甚少。实际上,一些早期学者认为这是臆造发行。杰出作者耿爱德(Edward Kann)是此领域中公认的专家和学者,当遇到不寻常的版别时,总是抱怀疑态度。他认为,此枚珍品应是由天津造币厂所铸的真品。根据大卫-哈蒂尔(David Hartill)的说法,另一位中国钱币学学者指出,在铸制本枚样币的同期,天津铸币厂早已于 1888 年开始打铸铜币。所用的机械购自Greenwood and Batley of Leeds,并以 27,000 两白银重金购入。可惜,当时使用的西式铸造设备效率低下且不切实际。最终,官方要求停止生产,并在 1896 年,设立合乎正式规格的造币厂来生产银币。另一趣味之处是,同为臆造版别,Wenchao(#1313)中的图版原品是几乎相同的设计,除却铭文是"江苏"字样,而不是本品的"天津"字样。值得留意的是,当时早期尚有其他铸币厂的同款臆造币,有贵州(L&M-603 / 607)和山东(L&M-587 / 588)版,都是在同一时期生产的。这些初期的样币,儘管设计和造币厂有所不同,但都是值得专家进一步深入研究的趣味发行。

K-180; H.Chang-CH20 (Plate coin); Wenchao-1313 (different dies). Mexican Republic style herringbone edge. The obverse depicts the legendary Phoenix with spread wings and within beaded border, with the legend "Da qing guang xu shi wu nian cheng yang tian jin guan zao" (Officially made in Tientsin [during the] Qing [era] 15th year of Guang Xu) around; on the reverse, one reads "Yi yuan" (one Dollar) within an oval beaded border and a dragon around. This charming and wholly original looking survivor exhibits a decent strike with moderate signs of handling and nice, even wear consistent for the grade. The surfaces are toned a lovely soft gray with minor earthen deposits in the crevasses and amongst the devices and richer coloration in the protected areas.

This handsome and EXTREMELY RARE early issue, off the market for many decades, represents a seldom occurrence whereby a numismatic item of this caliber becomes available and is sure to see spirited bidding from many advanced collectors.This perplexing issue has been quite the mystery, as early scholars of Chinese numismatics were aware of this type but knew very little about it. In fact, some early academics believed it to be a fantasy issue of some nature. The brilliant author Eduard Kann, who was an accepted expert and scholar in this field, was quite the skeptic when it came to unusual and out-of-the-ordinary issues; he believed that the present survivor likely a legitimate item produced at Tientsin. David Hartill, another scholar of Chinese numismatics, states that, at the date of purported manufacture, the Tientsin mint had begun striking copper coins by 1888. The machinery used was procured from Greenwood and Batley of Leeds for 27,000 Liang of silver.

The western style minting equipment in use at this time proved to be inefficient and impractical. Ultimately, officials requested the discontinuance of use of this burdensome machinery. Then, in 1896, a proper mint was set up for the manufacture of silver specie.Another interesting aspect that should be taken into consideration is that the example plated in Wenchao (# 1313), under fantasy issues, is nearly an identical design, with the exception of slightly different legends, the most important of which is the place of manufacture as "Jiang su" rather than "Tian jin," as on the present piece. It should be mentioned that several other early issues of crude manufacture, namely those of Kweichow (L&M-603/607) and Shantung (L&M-587/588), are extant, and all were produced around the same time period. These crudely made issues, though different in design and place of manufacture, are all highly intriguing, deserving of further in-depth research from the specialist, and are certain to pique the interest of many collectors.

From the Pinnacle Collection.

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