MCMV (1905) Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Medal. Cast Bronze. 74 mm. By Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Baxte


1909 Theodore Roosevelt Portrait Autographed to Charles Doolittle Walcott, and the Charles Doolittle

1909 Th

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Plaque. Bronze. 175 x 230 mm. By C. A. Hafner. About Uncirculated.


Undated (ca. 1920) Roosevelt Memorial Association Medal of Honor. Bronze. 81.8 mm. By James E. Frase


1925 Calvin Coolidge Inaugural Medal. Bronze. 70 mm. Dusterberg CIM-B70, MacNeil CC-1925-3. Specimen

1925 Ca

1929 Herbert Hoover Inaugural Medal. Bronze. 69.5 mm. By Henry Kirke Bush-Brown. Dusterberg OIM-7B70

1929 He

1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt First Inaugural Medal. Bronze. 76.3 mm. By Paul Manship. Dusterberg-OIM 8

1933 Fr

1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt First Inaugural Medal. Bronze. 76 mm. By Paul Manship. Dusterberg OIM 8B7

1933 Fr

1961 John F. Kennedy 8 Piece Medal Process Set. Bronze. 32-41 mm. Mint State.

1961 Jo

2009 Barack Obama Inaugural Medal Process Set. Mint State.

2009 Ba

Nearly Complete set of Inaugural Medals, 1949 to 2013.


Undated (1860s) Copy of the Bar Copper by J.A. Bolen. Copper. 80.3 grains. Musante JAB-2, Kenney-1,


Undated (ca. 1862) United States Arsenal Medal. Without Sun. By J.A. Bolen. Copper. Musante JAB-4. M


1864 J.A. Bolen Liberty Cap store card. Copper. 28 mm. Musante JAB-9. MS-65BN (NGC).

1864 J.

1885 Uniface Grover Cleveland First Term Presidential Medal. Bronzed Copper. 76.4 mm. By Charles E.

1885 Un

1825 John Quincy Adams Inaugural Medal. White Metal. 50 mm. Julian PR-5, DeWitt-JQA 1824-1. MS-61 (P

1825 Jo

1915 Century of Peace Between the United States and Great Britain Medal. Silver. 64.2 mm. 125.9 gram

1915 Ce

1861 Anti-Confederate Jefferson Davis CSA Satirical Presidential Election Medal. Brass. 25 mm. DeWit

1861 An

1860 Abraham Lincoln Ferrotype. DeWitt-AL 1860-94, Cunningham 2-350B. Gilt Brass. Reeded Edge. 24.5

1860 Ab

1840 William Henry Harrison Campaign Medal. DeWitt-WHH 1840-1. Silver. 43.7 mm. 567.9 grains. Extrem

1840 Wi

1927 and 1939 Thomas Elder Lincoln Gold Dollar Obverse Impressions on Gold Bar. 17.4 mm x 35.6 mm. 8

1927 an

Undated (ca. 1924) Abraham Lincoln Medal. Copper. 39.5 mm. Obverse by Eymann, struck by Thomas Elder


1909 Abraham Lincoln Centennial Plaque. Cast bronze. 165 mm. By V. D. Brenner. Cunningham 24-280. Ab

1909 Ab

1909 Lincoln Centennial Preserve, Protect, Defend Medal. Bronze. 62.4 mm. By Victor David Brenner. C

1909 Li

1907 Abraham Lincoln Centennial Plaque. Bronze on Green Marble. By Victor David Brenner. Cunningham

1907 Ab

1799 (ca. 1922)

1799 (c

1889 Inaugural Centennial Medal. Uniface. Cast Bronze. 93 mm x 75.3 mm, oval. 2.2 mm to 3.2 mm thick

1889 In

1889 Inaugural Centennial Medal. Cast Bronze. 113 mm. By Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Philip Martiny.

1889 In

1889 Inaugural Centennial Medal. Cast Bronze. 115.2 mm. By Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Philip Martiny

1889 In


Lot:77  1905罗斯福就职勋章 PCGS SP 64


拍品分类 世界钱币>铜币 品相 PCGS SP64
拍品估价 USD 40000 成交价 USD 0
拍卖专场 SBP2020年3月巴尔地摩#1-美国钱币 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2020-03-19 01:00:00 结标日期 2020-03-19 06:00:00 拍卖状态 流拍
拍品描述 1905罗斯福就职勋章 PCGS SP 64

MCMV (1905) Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Medal. Bronze. 74 mm. By Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Baxter-78, Dryfhout-197, Dusterberg OIM-2B74, MacNeil TR-1905-2. Tiffany Edge Mark. Specimen-64 (PCGS).

We are delighted to be able to present an example of this classic piece, among the most prized of the inaugural medals not only for its subject matter and rarity, but just as much for the artist who designed it, the firm that cast it and its influence on American coinage. It inspired Theodore Roosevelts hopes for a more sculptural and classical coinage and directly influenced the design of the reverse of the Indian ten-dollar gold eagle introduced in 1907, also by Saint-Gaudens.

This is an incredibly important American medal.This beautiful specimen exhibits handsome deep copper brown patina with subtle antique gold and pale olive highlights evident as the surfaces dip into a light. Striking detail is expectably bold for the type, closer inspection revealing fine granularity to the finish, also typical. A few swirls of light carbon behind Roosevelts portrait and at the letter E in the Latin motto E PLVRIBVS VNVM are noted solely for accuracy, the in hand appearance predominantly smooth and highly appealing.Most examples of this medal bear the Tiffany mark on the edge, as here, but not all of them. It is believed that some medals that were not considered completely up to the standards of the maker did not receive the mark, however, some of the unmarked medals appear just as nice as the marked ones. The PCGS insert makes no mention of the edge for this piece, but Stacks Bowers Galleries was able to confirm the edge marking with our consignor.