Lot:51337  贵州省造民国17年壹圆汽车三叶 PCGS AU 58


拍品分类 机制银币>地方省造>贵州省造>民国17年>壹圆>汽车三叶 品相 PCGS AU58
拍品估价 USD 40000 - 60000 成交价 USD 132000
拍卖专场 SBP2019年8月香港-机制币地方 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2019-08-20 10:00:00 结标日期 2019-08-20 19:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 民国十七年贵州省政府造一圆银币。汽车币。 三根草。如此品相极罕,PCGS中仅有一枚更高分。深打,柔和银光。均匀灰色包浆。冠绝同版品相,受人追捧。贵省军阀周西成在1927年7月至1929年4月间任省长统治贵州。虽然在位期间不长,他致力于建设省内的教育及现代化。这枚银币就是为了纪念贵州高速公路建成而制的,上面的汽车则是周西成自己的座驾。

CHINA. Kweichow. Auto Dollar, Year 17 (1928). PCGS AU-58 Gold Shield. L&M-610; K-757r; KM-Y-428; WS-1110; Wenchao-pg.664 #1062 (rarity two stars). Three blades of grass Variety. VERY RARE in this state of preservation, with only one graded finer at PCGS. A boldly struck and softly lustrous dollar with even gray toning, near the peak of quality for the type and very desirable as such.Zhou Xicheng was the provincial warlord governor of Kweichow from July of 1927 through April of 1929. Although his time in office was short, Xicheng focused heavily on education and modernizing of the province through public works. This fascinating issue was minted to commemorate the completion of the Kweichow (Guizhou) provincial highway and reportedly features Governor Zhou Xicheng s personal automobile.