Lot:51147  湖北省造双龙一两小字 PCGS MS 61


拍品分类 机制银币>地方省造>湖北省造>双龙>一两>小字 品相 PCGS MS61
拍品估价 USD 25000 - 35000 成交价 USD 52800
拍卖专场 SBP2019年8月香港-机制币地方 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2019-08-20 10:00:00 结标日期 2019-08-20 19:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 光绪三十年湖北省造大清银币库平一两。小字版。 铸打深峻,版底光泽优良,通体大面积灰色及杏仁色包浆。广受欢迎的版别,品相佳,是藏家的心头之好。


当时的百姓普遍认为两种币制在转换时会引起困扰,在找钱时尤其如此。这一换算混乱情况的真实佐证是大英博物馆馆藏的一枚湖北一两,它新如出厂,唯独好似切饼般被切去了一角,与Joe Cribb著述Money in the Bank第121页图4.10所示的broken dollars有异曲同工之妙。湖北双龙一两流通时间极短,之后被大清银币替代,儘管铸打数量很多,但是之后多被回炉重铸。值得注意的是,湖北一两成色是0.877,与1905年(光绪三十一年)制定的一两银币章程中所规定的含银0.960不符。

CHINA. Hupeh. Tael, Year 30 (1904). PCGS MS-61 Gold Shield. L&M-180; K-933; KM-Y-128.2; WS-0878. Small characters variety. A boldly struck Dollar with good field luster and pervasive gray to almond toning throughout. Overall an attractive example of this popular type that is sure to generate a great deal of bidder interest.

Originally 648,000 Hupeh Taels were minted, this includes both large and small character types; however, it is unknown exactly how many of each were struck. The Hupeh Tael was introduced as part of a projected coinage reform based on the traditional Chinese weight standard, rather than the Dollar system. In the initial proposal to produce these coins, it was also suggested to produce smaller denominations in the values of 1, 2, and 5 Mace.

However, no such pieces have surfaced (even in pattern form) and it is unlikely they were ever produced. The general populace found it complicated in converting two distinctly different coinage systems, especially when making change. A Hupeh Tael housed in the British museum supports this by showing evidence of cutting to make change. The British museum specimen is essentially mint state with a large pie shape section cut from the coin. The cut is in a similar manner to the "broken dollars" picture on pg. 121 figure 4.10 of Joe Cribb s reference Money in the Bank. This short lived series circulated for only a brief period and was soon after replaced by the unified Tai Ching Ti Kuo silver coinage. Although the Hupeh Tael coinage has a fairly large mintage, most were likely melted down to be made into later coinage. It is interesting to note that the Hupeh Taels were struck in 0.877 fine silver, as opposed to the 0.960 fine silver set forth by the currency regulations of 1905. Well struck and fully lustrous, overall an excellent example of an immensely popular type that is sure to draw a great deal of bidder interest.

From the Mas Fera Collection. With old collector s envelope.