Lot:1815  中国古钱一组35枚 美品


拍品分类 古钱 品相 美品
拍品估价 USD 300-400 成交价 USD 565
拍卖专场 SA2019年1月加州(#33) 拍卖公司 SA
开拍日期 2019-01-18 01:00:00 结标日期 2019-01-20 09:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 中国古钱一组35枚 美品

CHINA:LOT of 35 miscellaneous coins, charms, and tokens, a very interesting study lot including contemporary counterfiet coins Hupeh 10 cents 40441, Kiangnan 10 cent 40141, Kwangtung 10 cent 40141, Kiangnan 20 cent 40141, Kiangnan dollar 40141, all old copies likely meant to pass in circulation, Burton Old curiosity shop Falmouth Cornwall token in the style of a Japan kanei tsuho coin 40141, Chinese amulets and charms 40541, Ancient Chinese 39fish money39 40241, Szechuan sycee 42。39g likely later made 40141, Warring States China An Yi Er Jin Spade Money likely later casting 40141, plus Japanese fantasy coins likely made in the 1920-30s 401741 including some unusual types, a very interesting lot, average circulated quality, retail 36500, lot of 35 items。