Lot:226  龙凤民国12年壹圆小字 NGC MS 65


拍品分类 机制银币>民国中央>龙凤>民国12年>壹圆>小字 品相 NGC MS65
拍品估价 USD 7500 - 15000 成交价 USD 38400
拍卖专场 冠军2018年11月澳门-钱币专场 拍卖公司 冠军拍卖
开拍日期 2018-11-25 10:00:00 结标日期 2018-11-25 18:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 1923年一圆龙凤银币,反面小字,Y336 (K680),L&M-81,经NGC评级,评级为 MS65,品相完好,Norcal 藏品。

大家都普遍认为这枚钱币是为了庆祝以前皇帝的婚礼,这是非常错误的。《东亚泉志》(1994)第一期曾刊登过一篇文章,揭示雕刻家L. Giorgi在1914年——皇帝婚礼前很久就设计了这枚钱币。币的设计描绘了统治者的12个象徵符号,并打算成为全国通用的普通版钱币——替代北部铸造的袁世凯一圆以及南部铸造的孙中山一圆。但是设计没有被採用,而是被存档了。1923年中国内阁通过了财政部的一项决议,使用一种新的国家钱币取代袁世凯币。(见《中国经济通报》1923-24年第111, 130 和152期)。这枚龙凤币的设计是从存档中调用,并在天津中央造币厂铸造。除了这一证据外,还有另一证据——一枚日期为1921年(皇帝婚礼前2年)的小型银质奖章,用以纪念中国和秘鲁建交100周年,也使用了相同的龙凤设计。不管怎样,该币还是非常重要,非常漂亮。

CHINA-REPUBLIC 1923 Dragon and Phoenix Silver Dollar. Variety with small characters on the reverse. Y336 (K680),L&M-81.NGC MS65; This choice example is graded by NGC MS65,Norcal CollectionThe popular belief that this coin was issued to celebrate the wedding of the former emperor is quite wrong. An article published in the first issue of the journal of East Asian Numismatics (1994) revealed that the engraver, L. Giorgi, designed this coin in 1914 -- long before the emperors wedding. The design portrays the 12 symbols of a ruler, and was intended to be a general issue coin for the whole country -- replacing the Yuan Shih Kai coins minted in the north and Sun Yat Sen coins minted in the south. The design was not adopted, but was filed away. In 1923 the Chinese Cabinet passed a resolution from the Ministry of Finance calling for a new national coinage to replace the Yuan Shih Kai coins (see the Chinese Economic Bulletin #111, 130 and 152 for 1923-24). This dragon and phoenix design was pulled out of the files and minted at the Tientsin Central Mint. In addition to this evidence, there is a small silver medal dated 1921 (two years before the wedding), commemorating the centennial of relations between CHINA and Peru, which uses this same dragon and phoenix design. Still an important and beautiful coin.