Undated (1837-1842) Christopher Bechtler $5. K-20. Rarity-4. 134.G., 21 CARATS, With Star. AU-58 (NG


1849 Norris, Gregg & Norris $5. K-2. Rarity-5. Plain Edge. AU-58 (NGC).

1849 No

1852 United States Assay Office of Gold $50. K-13. Rarity-5. 887 THOUS. AU-50 (NGC).

1852 Un

1853 United States Assay Office of Gold $20. K-17. Rarity-7-. 884 THOUS. MS-61 (PCGS). CAC.

1853 Un

1853 United States Assay Office of Gold $20. K-18. Rarity-2. 900 THOUS. MS-60 (NGC).

1853 Un

1849太平洋公司1美元 NGC MS 61


1849 Pacific Company $2.50. Silver Die Trial. K-2. Rarity-6+. AU-55 (PCGS).

1849 Pa

1849 Oregon Exchange Company $5. AU-55 (PCGS).

1849 Or

1854-DERI Octagonal $1. BG-529. Rarity-8. Liberty Head. AU Details--Damage (PCGS).


1943 New York Assay Office Gold Ingot. 35 mm x 58.5 mm x 10.5 mm. 12.57 ounces, .9995 fine.

1943 Ne

1943 New York Assay Office Gold Ingot. 35 mm x 58.5 mm x 9 mm. 10.49 ounces, .9998 fine.

1943 Ne

1968 New York Assay Office Gold Ingot. 38 mm x 56.5 mm x 21 mm. 25.96 ounces, .9998 fine.

1968 Ne

1830年邓普顿2.5美元 NGC MS 61


1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar--Struck on a Quarter Planchet--MS-62 (PCGS).

1942 Wa

1977-D Washington Quarter--Struck on a Silver Clad Planchet--AU-55 (NGC).


1944 Washington Quarter--Struck on a Zinc-Coated Steel Cent Planchet--AU Details--Tooled (PCGS).

1944 Wa

1965 Roosevelt Dime--Struck on a Silver Dime Planchet--AU-58 (PCGS).

1965 Ro

1982 Lincoln Cent. Bronze. Large Date--13 and 4-Piece Bonded Die Cap--Mint State (Uncertified).

1982 Li

1944-S Lincoln Cent--Struck on a Zinc-Coated Steel Planchet--EF-40 (NGC).


1944-D Lincoln Cent--Struck on a Zinc-Coated Steel Planchet--MS-62 (NGC).


1944 Lincoln Cent--Struck on a Zinc-Coated Steel Planchet--AU Details--Cleaned (PCGS).

1944 Li

1944 Lincoln Cent--Struck on a Zinc-Coated Steel Planchet--AU-55 (NGC).

1944 Li

1944 Lincoln Cent--Struck on a Zinc-Coated Steel Planchet--MS-63 (NGC).

1944 Li

1943 Lincoln Cent--Overstruck on a 1943 Mercury Dime--MS-62 (NGC).

1943 Li

1871 Pattern Dollar. Judd-1140, Pollock-1282. Rarity-8. Silver. Plain Edge. Proof-65 (PCGS). CAC. Go

1871 Pa

1852 Pattern Liberty Seated Dollar. Restrike. Judd-134, Pollock-161. Rarity-7+. Copper. Reeded Edge.

1852 Pa

1936 Proof Set (PCGS).

1936 Pr


Lot:1415  1830年邓普顿5美元 PCGS Genuine


拍品分类 世界钱币>金币 品相 PCGS Genuine
拍品估价 USD 390000 成交价 USD 0
拍卖专场 SBP2018年8月ANA#3-白金之夜 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2018-08-16 06:00:00 结标日期 2018-08-16 10:00:00 拍卖状态 流拍
拍品描述 1830 Templeton Reid $5. K-2. Rarity-7+. Genuine--Damage (PCGS).A truly memorable offering that could very well represent a once in a lifetime bidding opportunity for the advanced collector of private and territorial gold coinage. This is a remarkably attractive coin despite the PCGS designation, both sides retoned nicely in warm honey-gold patina. Tinges of light rose are also evident as the surfaces rotate under a light. The left obverse and right reverse borders are somewhat lightly struck, but all design elements on both sides are clear, and most are bold. Cleaned at one time with a curiously matte-like texture, yet generally smooth in hand, a small mark above the letter D in GOLD and a shallow depression at the border below the letter R in ASSAYER are mentioned solely as identifying features. <strong>EF Details</strong>.We are pleased and fortunate to be offering not only a Condition Census 1830 Templeton Reid $2.50 in this sale, but also an example of its exceedingly rare $5 counterpart. The Templeton Reid $5, in fact, is one of the great rarities among private and territorial gold issues. Dr. Dexter C. Seymour, whose research has provided us with much of what we know about Templeton Reid, estimates the mintage for the half eagle at just 300 pieces. Most of these coins were melted in the United States Mint after a letter written by a local citizen and published in the August 16, 1830 edition of the <em>Georgia Courier</em> revealed that one of Reids $10 coins contained only $9.38 in gold. Reids coinage operations ceased shortly thereafter, most of the coins eventually being destroyed for their bullion content. According to <em>PCGS CoinFacts</em>, only six Templeton Reid $5 gold coins are known, two of which are permanently impounded in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution. One of those coins was part of the original Mint Cabinet, while the other was donated as part of the Josiah K. Lilly Collection. Only four specimens are available for private ownership and, to the best of our knowledge, the present offering is only the third public auction appearance for a Templeton Reid $5 since our (Bowers and Ruddys) offering of the Nygren-Garrett specimen. A highlight of the present sale, and sure to see spirited bidding among advanced collectors.