Lot:50022  光绪三十四年大清户部银行伍圆样票 PCGS AU50


拍品分类 纸钞 品相 PCGS BG AU50
拍品估价 USD 10000 - 12000 成交价 USD 0
拍卖专场 SBP2018年8月香港-中国/世界纸钞 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2018-08-06 13:00:00 结标日期 2018-08-06 18:00:00 拍卖状态 流拍
拍品描述 光绪三十四年大清户部银行伍圆。样票。未收录。CMPA定制。极罕样票,令人惊艳,稀世珍品。吉林加印,但看似1908年大清银行发行的重庆货币。带手签,重庆划有红色横线,反面加印红色吉林。反面设计中央带黑色样张加盖。顶级收藏,定会引起热切关注。经修复,无损其夺目光彩。Unlisted. Printed by CMPA. A complete marvel, and extremely rare specimen. This note, with the Kirin overprint, is seen here as what appears to be a once issued 1908 Ta Ching piece from Chungking. Manuscript signatures are seen, with a red line across Chungking, and a red Kirin overprint under it on the reverse. A black specimen overprint is seen above it at the center of the reverse design. A true highlight, and a piece we are sure will garner quite a bit of attention. Repair mentioned in the comments section.PCGS GSG About Uncirculated 50. Details. Repair.