Lot:60220  上海县足纹银饼壹两王永盛 PCGS AU 50


拍品分类 机制银币>地方省造>上海县>足纹银饼>壹两>王永盛 品相 PCGS AU50
拍品估价 USD 9000 - 12000 成交价 USD 49200
拍卖专场 SBP2018年香港夏拍-古钱 银锭 机制币 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2018-08-07 10:00:00 结标日期 2018-08-07 17:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 咸丰六年上海足纹银饼。咸丰六年商王永盛匠万全造上海银饼。 正文"咸丰六年上海县号商王永盛足纹银饼",背文"朱源裕监倾曹平实重一两银匠万全造"。太平天国运动后,严重的通货膨胀导致囤银成风。这一时期,反而是西班牙8里亚尔银币在上海流通,俨然是民间的稳定货币。1856年,上海政府指派银号发行新银币,以取代西班牙8里亚尔,批淮王永盛、经正记和郁森盛发行一两及伍钱。这种银币每月发行量仅3,000枚,供不应求,再加上假币盛行,这一新造币计划仅持续了六个月。中国一两银币由上海始造,因此这是意义重大的一枚。此币底板光滑乾净,通体呈均匀深灰色包浆,图文间透出虹彩光泽。针对此评级来说品相上佳。L&M-589; K-900 (type A); WS-1122; Wenchao-pg. 274#383 (rarity two stars). Issued by Wang Yung Sheng and engraved by Wan Chaun. Obverse: "Cake (of) standard silver (from the) business firm (of) Wang Yung Sheng (in the) Shanghai district (in the) 6th year (of Emperor) Hsien Feng (1856)". Reverse: "Made (by) Wan Chuan, silversmith; Supervised (by) Chow Yuen Yu. Exact weight one Tsaoping Tael." Hyper-inflation caused by the Tai Ping Rebellion led to the hoarding of silver. At this time, foreign coins namely Spanish eight Reales, circulated in Shanghai at a considerable premium. In 1856, the Shanghai authorities authorized silversmiths to issue coinage in an attempt to replace the Spanish 8 Reales. The firms Wong Yung Sheng, Ching Cheng Chee and Yu Shen Sheng were granted permission to issue coinage in the denominations of one Tael and 5 Mace. This was a short lived coinage as the monthly output was only about 3,000 pieces and was not large enough to meet the demand. This combined with the large number of forgeries entering circulation doomed the project to a short period of only about six months. Extremely significant as the Shanghai series represents the first Tael coinage produced in China. This example exhibits smooth, clean, original fields and even deep gray toning throughout with hints of iridescence amongst the devices. A prime specimen for the assigned grade.PCGS AU-50 Secure Holder.