Lot:61192  同治元年祥丰五贯。


拍品分类 纸钞 品相
拍品估价 USD 300 - 500 成交价 USD 480
拍卖专场 SBP2018年香港春拍-网络拍卖 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2018-04-05 09:30:00 结标日期 2018-04-05 18:30:00 拍卖状态 流拍
拍品描述 同治元年祥丰五贯。北京地名。此款纸钞非常稀罕,虽然此拍品流通痕迹显著,但仍保留了细节和印章图样。PMG提及"边缘及中心撕裂、手写痕迹"。PMG Fine 12.CHINA--EMPIRE. Hsiang Feng. 5 Kuan, 1862. P-UNL. PMG Fine 12.(S/M #H92-1) Peking. These mid nineteenth century notes are quite scarce and this offering, while with heavy circulation, retains strong detail of the design and stamped features. PMG mentions "Edge & Internal Splits, Annotations," in the comments section of the holder.