Lot:50307  宣统年造大清银币壹圆长须龙 NGC MS 63+


拍品分类 机制银币>大清中央>宣统年造>大清银币>壹圆>长须龙 品相 NGC MS63+
拍品估价 USD 100000 - 150000 成交价 USD 180000
拍卖专场 SBP2018年4月香港-古钱 金银锭 机制币 现代币 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2018-04-03 09:30:00 结标日期 2018-04-03 21:30:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 宣统三年大清银币长鬚龙一圆样币。天津造币厂製。(珍稀度☆☆☆)。银製,"飞龙在云中"款的稀罕初版,字体更小而粗犷,花叶设计更柔和。这一版别的正面设计与1911年正式发行的大清银币相似。铸打深峻,包浆诱人,赏心悦目,值得收入世界顶尖银币集藏。NGC MS-63+.CHINA.

Long Whisker Dragon Pattern Dollar, Year 3 (1911). Tientsin Mint. NGC MS-63+.L&M-28; K-223; KM-Pn304; WS-0040; Wenchao-105 (rarity three stars). Struck in silver. RARE first variation of the "dragon in clouds" style with smaller more robust characters and blunt floral leaves. This type is referred to as the "ordinary obverse" as the characters resemble that of the later adopted standard design 1911 Empire Dollar. Sharply struck with attractive tone and excellent eye appeal. A wonderful example that is destined for a world class collection.