Lot:40247  四川光绪元宝当三十水龙 PCGS AU 53


拍品分类 机制铜币 品相 PCGS AU53
拍品估价 USD 100000 - 150000 成交价 USD 504000
拍卖专场 SBP2018年香港春拍-QDB集藏 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2018-04-02 09:30:00 结标日期 2018-04-02 18:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 四川省造光绪元宝三十文水龙铜样币。红铜铸造。四川当三十文铜元铸量不明,已知存世者仅12枚。同系列发行有两款,即"水龙"和"飞龙",本款为"水龙",而"飞龙"款曾于2010年12月Ponterio & Associate拍卖中呈现,拍品编号311。"水龙"和"飞龙"版又各有红铜和黄铜两种材质,均极稀贵,是藏家竞相征求的对象。在已知存世的四川三十文中,两种材质均有过半数被博物馆或其他机构永久收藏。据孙浩在《中国近代机製币章》一书中称,此枚当三十水龙可能首为中国铜元大师伍德华 (A. M. Tracey Woodward) 所有,后为埃及国王法鲁克 (King Farouk) 收得,于其被罢黜后的藏品出清拍卖会上面世。铸打深峻,色泽醇厚,平坦底板处呈现焦糖色,背面近图文处颜色则趋于深棕,对光轻轻转动又有几抹蓝光闪现。稀世佳品,来源可靠,观之怡人,有心的藏家定不能错过。PCGS AU-53 Secure Holder.

From the Q. David Bowers Collection.
Ex: R. B. White.
Ex: Schulman & Kreisberg Auction March 11-13, 1965 Lot #2943.
Ex: Sotheby & Co. February 24-28 & March 3-6, 1954 "The Palace Collection" (the Farouk Collection) Lot #2586 (part of).
Possibly Ex: Tracy Woodward Collection.

CHINA. Szechuan. Pattern 30 Cash, ND (1904). PCGS AU-53 Secure Holder.CL-SC.80; CCC-393; KM-Pn4; Duan-1730; Sun-II-10-01(plate coin). Struck in Bronze. The mintage for these issues is unknown, but there are about 12 pieces known to exist. There are also two very distinct types for this issue, the "Water Dragon" or "Facing Dragon" such as the present example and the "Flying Dragon" which was offered in our December Hong Kong Auction 2010 Lot # 311. These issues are further categorized by the types of metal they are stuck in such as brass (yellow copper) or Bronze (red copper). All are considered EXTREMELY RARE and always heavily sought after. About half of the known examples for both types are permanently impounded in museums or other institutions. According to Sun Hao, brilliant author who in his recent works "Numismatic Study of Modern Chinese Coinage 1889-1949" believes the present example could possibly be from the Tracy Woodward collection. Well struck with lovely mottled patina displaying a rich caramel in the open fields which deepens around the devices of the reverse to a deep brown, an attractive blue sheen pops out when tilted in the light. A chance to acquire a legendary piece of Chinese numismatics with a fabulous provenance and good eye appeal.