Undated (1878) George Washington


Undated (Circa 1856) Eight Presidents Medal. Copper. 46 mm. Musante-153R; Baker-221F. No makers Name


Undated (C. 1862) Avoid The Extremes of Party Spirit Medalet. Oreide. 27.5 mm. By John Adams Bowlen.


1799 (C. 1860s) Washington’s Tomb. Copper. 31 mm. By Joseph H. Merriam. Musante GW-318. Baker-122A.

1799 (C

1859 Washington Cabinet Medal. Silver. 21.6 mm. 5.2 grams. Musante GW-240; Baker-325A; Julian MT-22.

1859 Wa

Undated (1876) George Washington California Medal. Blank Reverse variety. By Albert Kuner. Brass. 49


1855 (1863) George Washington Ohio Census Medal. Brass. 49.7 mm. Musante GW-573; Baker-612. R-6. Cho

1855 (1

1789 Washington Inaugural Button. Dated Eagle and Star. Cobb-4; DeWitt GW1789.4; Baker-1010. Extreme

1789 Wa

1865 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Medal. Aluminum. 76 mm. Julian PR-12, Cunningham 22-240A, King-518

1865 Ab

MCMV (1905) Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Medal. Bronze. 74 mm. 122.8 grams. By Augustus Saint-Gauden


1905 Theodore Roosevelt Second Term Presidential Medal, Struck In Aluminum. 76.5 mm. 58.0 grams. F&H

1905 Th

1862 George H. Lovetts Monitor / Merrimac Medalet. 31 mm. Copper. Schenkman MM-4. Mint State.

1862 Ge

Undated (1894) Christopher Columbus 400th Anniversary of Discovery Medal. Bronze. 76.9mm. Eglit-104;


(1919) Assay Commission Medal. Uniface striking of the reverse. Bronze. 51 mm. By John R. Sinnock. A


1942 Assay Commission Medal. Yellow Bronze. 58 mm. By John R. Sinnock and Pierre Simon DuVivier. JK

1942 As

1797 Washington Sansom Medal. Bronze. GW-58. Baker-71. Julian PR-1. Mint State.

1797 Wa

1906 Benjamin Franklin Bicentennial Medal. Bronze. 100mm. By Augustus and Louis Saint-Gaudens. Green

1906 Be

1871 Ulysses S. Grant Indian Peace Medal. Bronzed Copper. 63 mm. By Anthony C. Paquet. Julian IP-42.

1871 Ul

1862 Abraham Lincoln Indian Peace Medal. First Size. Bronze. 76 mm, 7.3 to 7.7 mm thick. Julian IP-3

1862 Ab

1853 Franklin Pierce Indian Peace Medal. First Size. Bronzed Copper. 76.5 mm. By Salathiel Ellis and

1853 Fr

1850 Millard Fillmore Indian Peace Medal. First Size. Bronzed Copper. 76 mm. By Salathiel Ellis and

1850 Mi

1849 Zachary Taylor Indian Peace Medal. First Size. Bronzed Copper. 76 mm. Julian IP-27. Mint State,

1849 Za

1845 James K. Polk Indian Peace Medal. First Size. Bronzed Copper. 76 mm. Julian IP-24. Mint State.

1845 Ja

1841 John Tyler Indian Peace Medal. First Size. Bronze. 76 mm, 6.2 to 6.5 mm thick. Julian IP-21. Ch

1841 Jo

1837 Martin Van Buren Indian Peace Medal. First Size. Second Reverse. Bronzed Copper. 76 mm. By Mori

1837 Ma

1829 Andrew Jackson Indian Peace Medal. First Size. Bronzed Copper. 76 mm. Julian IP-14. Mint State.

1829 An

1825 John Quincy Adams Indian Peace Medal. First Size. Original Reverse. Bronzed Copper. 76 mm. By M

1825 Jo

1817 James Monroe Indian Peace Medal. Large Size. Original Reverse. Bronzed Copper. 76 mm. By Moritz

1817 Ja

1809 James Madison Indian Peace Medal. First Size. Bronzed Copper. 76 mm. By John Reich. Julian IP-5

1809 Ja

1801 Thomas Jefferson Indian Peace Medal. Second Size. Bronzed Copper. 74.8 mm, 8.1 mm thick. By Joh

1801 Th


Lot:24  1777年华盛顿伏尔泰奖章 完未流通


拍品分类 外国钱币>杂项 品相 完未流通
拍品估价 USD 10000 成交价 USD 12925
拍卖专场 SBP2017年8月ANA-美国钱币#1 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2017-08-02 07:00:00 结标日期 2017-08-02 11:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 Circa 1777 Washington Voltaire Medal. Silver. 40.0 mm. 24.4 grams. Musante GW-1. Baker-78. Betts-544. Very Fine.Somewhat heavy dark bluish gray patina over much of the surface with the higher areas of relief retaining a light pewter tone.

A few small scratches include one long one rising up from the neck, right of the face, though it is nicely toned over. A nice impression with evidence of double striking seen on both sides. Just a trace of spalling is noted on the reverse within the flags, suggestive of an earlier die state than sometimes seen on bronze impressions.The Voltaire medal, as it is commonly referred to, is considered the first Washington portrait medal, a piece that inaugurated what would become a vast array of medals and tokens struck in honor of George Washington.

By the 1850s, enough different types had been produced that collecting them had become very much in vogue, with prized specimens bringing extraordinary sums for the time, especially when compared to contemporary sales of classic American rarities such as 1792 half dismes, and the like. Though it may be the first portrait medal, the source of this portrait is unknown and it certainly bears little resemblance to George Washington. Almost certainly, medalists in England or France, the most likely countries of origin for this medal, had not seen good depictions of General Washington as of 1777, so the portrait was designed in the style of a classical figure, that of Roman senator. While it is by no means among the rarest types in the series, the Voltaire medal is uniquely historic and an essential inclusion in any collection of Washington medals, even though its precise origin story remains somewhat mysterious. Though long referred to as the "Voltaire Medal," based on a contemporary account that the famed author Voltaire himself commissioned it, this has recently been called into question by Neil Musante, with compelling evidence provided to the contrary.

His further conclusion that this piece was made by the same hands or at least within the same shop as the very rare 1777 B. Franklin of Philadelphia portrait medal (as well as two other English medals) seems quite reliable. Whatever the source, the medal is a classic of the Washington series and a silver impression is seen as particularly significant in even the finest collections. It is believed that fewer than 10 examples are known in silver. John J. Ford, Jr. owned two examples, including this one which was his duplicate. Lucien LaRiviere had one, which he acquired from the Gilbert Steinberg holdings. However, it was missing from the Garrett Collection, and did not appear in our offerings of the Norweb Washington pieces, though it has been reported that the Norweb collection had contained a holed example. That the Norwebs never acquired a better one is a remarkable commentary on the rarity of this medal in silver. It was also missing from our recent offering of the Charles Wharton Collection. From Davis McKinney, December 1964; John J. Ford, Jr.; our sale of the John J. Ford, Jr. Collection, Part XIV, lot 325; Anthony Terranova; the present consignor.