Lot:818  西藏炉关无币值 PCGS AU Details


拍品分类 机制银币>地方省造>西藏>炉关>无币值 品相 PCGS AUDetails
拍品估价 HKD 200000 - 240000 成交价 HKD 432000
拍卖专场 SPINK2017年香港春拍-中国钱币 纸钞 拍卖公司 SPINK
开拍日期 2017-04-06 10:00:00 结标日期 2017-04-06 18:00:00 拍卖状态 成交
拍品描述 西藏炉关银币,PCGS AU Details,最高评分之罕有西藏鑪关银。PCGS评级纪录中只有4枚曾被评级,其中一枚PCGS XF Details 于Spink 2013年8月21日之罗德斯拍卖专场以HKD$312,000拍出。。China for Tibet, Anonymous (c. 1902/03), "Lukuan"(Lu Guan) Rupee, the description below is from Lot 319 of the Rhodes Collection auction on 21st August 2013, "According to the obverse inscription this rare coin is known as Lukuan (lu guan) Rupee. It was struck in the Kangding mint in western Sichuan. This Rupee can be considered as the forerunner of the Sichuan Rupee. It is believed that in 1902AD "Liu Ding Shu", Sub-Prefect of Ta Chien Lu (now Kangding district) ordered the minting of "Lu Guang" silver coins in order to eliminate the circulation of foreign coins, particularly of British-Indian Rupees, in Szechuan Province. Liu used the silver being transported to Tibet for military expenses to mint the coin (http://ykleungn.tripod.com/szeRupee.htm). Nicholas Rhodes (Rhodes, Nicholas: "A Sino-Tibetan Rupee". Spink`s Numismatic Circular, vol. 85, London, 1977, p.107-108) has attempted to read the legends as follows: Obverse legend (to be read from right to left): "Lu guan tsu yin ?" ("Tachienlu Customs enough silver"). The syllable "lu" could be interpreted as the last syllable of Da jian lu, the former Chinese name of Kangding, from which the western version "Tachienlu" is derived. The reverse Tibetan legend: nged gsum zho dar ("three sho of Tachienlu enough silver"). The syllable dar may be understood as being the first syllable of Dar rtse mdo, the traditional Tibetan name of present day Kangding,(LM-655, Y-A1.1), PCGS AU Details, Tooled, only 4 coins graded by PCGS: VF30, Extremey Fine Details (2) and finally this one at AU Details. Thus, this coin is the highest grade in the PCGS population report. Extremely rare. The Lukuan rupee sold by Spink in August 2013 was graded PCGS Extremely Fine Details and fetched a hammer price of HKD$260,000