1804 Draped Bust Half Cent. C-13. Rarity-1. Plain 4, Stemless Wreath. MS-65 BN (PCGS). CAC.

1804 Dr

1793 Flowing Hair Cent. Chain Reverse. S-3. Rarity-3-. AMERICA, Without Periods. Fine-15 (PCGS).

1793 Fl

1839 Modified Matron Head Cent. N-11. Rarity-1. Booby Head. MS-66 RB (PCGS). CAC.

1839 Mo

1843 Braided Hair Cent. N-4. Rarity-1. Noyes Die State D/B (N-13). Petite Head, Large Letters. MS-66

1843 Br

1848 Braided Hair Cent. N-9. Rarity-1. MS-65 RD (PCGS).

1848 Br

1943-D/D Lincoln Cent. FS-501. Repunched Mintmark. MS-67 (PCGS). CAC.


1875 Nickel Three-Cent Piece. MS-67 (PCGS). CAC.

1875 Ni

1834 Capped Bust Half Dime. LM-4. Rarity-6, as a Proof. Proof-66 (NGC).

1834 Ca

1837 Liberty Seated Half Dime. No Stars. Large Date. MS-66+ (PCGS). CAC--Gold Label.

1837 Li

1845 Liberty Seated Half Dime. Proof-65 (PCGS). CAC.

1845 Li

1856 Liberty Seated Half Dime. Proof-66 Cameo (PCGS). CAC.

1856 Li

1796 Draped Bust Dime. JR-2. Rarity-4. AU-58 (PCGS).

1796 Dr

1796 Draped Bust Dime. JR-3. Rarity-5. MS-63 (NGC).

1796 Dr

1798/7 Draped Bust Dime. JR-1. Rarity-3. 16-Star Reverse. MS-65+ (PCGS). CAC. Secure Holder.


1814 Capped Bust Dime. JR-3. Rarity-2. Large Date. MS-66 (NGC).

1814 Ca

1652 Pine Tree Shilling. Large Planchet. Noe-2, Salmon 2-C. Rarity-4. Without Pellets at Trunk. MS-6

1652 Pi

Suite of (3) Prestigious Gold Medals Awarded to Noted American Artist Emil Carlsen, 1907-1916.

Suite o

Important Archive Relating to Nicholas Pikes New and Complete System of Arithmetic and President Geo


1790年美国钱币设计草图 完未流通


1776 (1792) United States Diplomatic Medal. Original. Bronze. 67 mm. By Augustin Dupre. Julian CM-15

1776 (1

Double-Sided Preliminary Autograph Sketch of Rampant Lions for the Libertas Americana Medal. Graphit


1781 (April 1783) Libertas Americana Medal. Original. Bronze. 47.8 mm. By Augustin Dupre. Betts-615.

1781 (A


Lot:8  1776年美国银币 NGC MS 65


拍品分类 外国钱币>银币 品相 NGC MS65
拍品估价 USD 100000 成交价 USD 0
拍卖专场 SBP-苏富比2015年10月纽约白金之夜 拍卖公司 SBP
开拍日期 2015-10-02 02:00:00 结标日期 2015-10-02 07:00:00 拍卖状态 流拍
拍品描述 Offered is an outstanding and exceedingly rare Gem Mint State example of the historic 1776 Continental dollar. Predominantly satiny in texture, the surfaces also reveal modest semi-reflective tendencies under a light. The strike is expertly centered with all design elements boldly defined, and many sharply so.

Subtle olive highlights enhance otherwise silver gray patina. Both sides are remarkably smooth and as close to pristine as we have seen in a Continental dollar of any type in recent years. One of the most important and desirable offerings in our Rarities Auction, this coin would serve as the focal point in an advanced collection of early Federal era coinage or Americana.The Continental dollar is one of the most desirable of all early American numismatic items. Whenever we offer a high grade example it is a special occasion and even among high grade pieces, only a handful have commanded the MS-65 grade. There are very few instances in American numismatics where you will find the all-important date, 1776, other than on a few obscure and rare copper pieces and some paper money.

The enigmatic and historic 1776-dated Continental dollars as they are known are believed to have been authorized by the Continental Congress. In our (Stacks) October 2003 sale of Part I of the John J. Ford, Jr. Collection, the cataloger described the Continental pieces as follows:"The 1776 Continental dollars were struck in three different metals: silver, brass, and pewter. The die emission sequences for the 1776 Continental dollars show that they were all struck interchangeably, with brass pieces struck first followed by some pewters, then some more brass ones, then silvers and pewters together, and so on. In other words, the Continental dollars were not trials or patterns or die set-up pieces. The coiners meant them to have some use as coins even if we cannot figure out what that purpose was."Some 239 years after the date on the Continental dollars, we are still on the trail of their full history, although pieces of the puzzle surface on rare occasions. Dave Bowers and a number of others hold to the possibility that these metal coins were substitutes for paper Continental dollars of the same denomination and with certain of the same design elements. However, no congressional authorization has been found, nor have any specific records of mintage location and quantity. One fact we can state with confidence is that all Continental dollars are eagerly sought by collectors. Their value has skyrocketed in recent decades, and we dont foresee any let-up, especially for the small number of Mint State survivors.

As the single finest certified example of the pewter variety with the correct spelling of the word CURRENCY, this remarkable Gem is one of the most desirable Continental dollars available to todays collectors. This coin, the finest graded by either service, is bound to draw bids from every direction when it crosses the block at Sothebys on October 1.